History of Kingston Lake Association

August 30, 2006 was the charter meeting of the Kingston Lake (Great Pond) Association, Inc. (KLA).  Muriel and David Ingalls chaired the first meeting.  David was a member of the Kingston Conservation Commission (KCC) at that time.  He was instrumental in helping to form KLA.  As a KCC member, Dave was able to see the necessity of having a lake association. 

Once a lake association was formed there would be many opportunities to improve and or maintain water quality in Kingston Lake.  The KCC had been involved in water sampling since 1991 through the efforts of Dave, Larry Smith and Skip Clark.    Letters were sent to folks who lived around the Lake, and an open invitation went out to everyone in the community to became involved.

 Jody Connors, a limnologist for the State of NH was the guest speaker at this first meeting.  Jody talked about the water quality in Kingston Lake and the importance of forming a Lake Association. 

Initial officers and Board of Directors were:  President- Muriel Ingalls, Vice President – Larry Smith, Treasurer – Ben Bixby and Secretary Kathy Kokin.  Members of the Board were:  Sumner Kalman, Betsey Bixby, Rob McGregor, Camp Lincoln representative, Bruce Anderson, Great Pond Park, Stanley Hicks, Rocrimmon Road Representative. Jim Voss, Dave Brindle, Jim Mower, Bob Brindamour, Brian Clark, Skip Clark, and Ernie Landry.  In the following meetings in September and October, Bylaws for the Association were adopted as well as a mission statement. 

The following activities are an important part of the Association’s agenda: 

*Water sampling occurs June, July and August
*A shoreline clean up occurs in early June
*Cleanup in the Kingston State Park happens in May before the Park opens on Memorial Day weekend
*The Lake Host program begins in June
*The annual membership meeting with a guest speak on an educational topic *occurs the last Wednesday in June
*The Regatta brings families together to enjoy the lake as they paddle around the 3 mile perimeter
*We participate in Kingston Days as we promote the activities and the  mission of the Lake
*In 2017, we began a partnership with  Bakie School.  KLA members and NH Lakes folks worked together by offering hands on field experiences to the 5th graders at Camp Lincoln.  Marianne Klemarchek, enrichment teacher for Bakie School, helped to coordinate this partnership