Life Jacket Loaner Station

Come and celebrate the Dedication of the Life Jacket Station at the State Ramp, May 19, 2024!

The Scott B. Weinhold Memorial Life Jacket Loaner Station experienced a great first season during the summer of 2023!

It will be available again for 2024 and they hope you all will use the jackets as needed and have a safe and fun summer.


I would like to remind everyone that although this was placed here in honor of my late grandson, this belongs to YOU! I’m hoping that all of you will treat it as your own property and if you see anything nefarious going on, you’ll say something. All life jackets are marked and easy to spot. Along with various sizes to fit everyone, there are 4 doggy life jackets too! Next time you’re driving by, check it out!

Life Jackets Save Lives…Wear One!

Here is a link to Patti Weinhold’s page for more info. Thank you Patti!